Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPRO is ready to repair flood damage quickly– basement cleanup and restoration

Continual increases in storm intensity and tidal flooding is making flood and storm water damage a regular concern for many coastal communities in New Jersey. F... READ MORE

Heavy wind and rain can cause roof damage leading to property ceiling and interior water damage

SERVPRO has experienced mitigating residential storm damage after severe storms with high winds; ice and snow has caused damages to your New Jersey roof or buil... READ MORE

Basement and ground floor storm damage restoration done right

When Coastal New Jersey storms hit, many building and homes are vulnerable to leaks coming into the lower parts of the property. This building experienced a wat... READ MORE

Our SERVPRO crews are ready for your SPRING Property Disasters

Our SERVPRO crews are ready 24/7 and will arrive at your Spring Commercial or Residential water damage emergency quickly. Our water restoration process includes... READ MORE

SERVPRO disaster restoration professionals respond quicker, minimizing the scope of your commercial storm damage restoration needs

This local New Jersey bank experienced a flood disaster recently during an evening of heavy rain. Our crew was called out to start the water mitigation and repa... READ MORE

Professionals help with reliable home flood or water damage cleanup

At SERVPRO of Old Bridge/Cranbury we take pride in our ability to erase the damage done by water, including damages caused by hidden problems. After 48 hours of... READ MORE